Your choice and convenience is our standard for care excellence.

You deserve the comforts of a home-like community and the competence of a top-notch healthcare center. At Bloomsburg Care and Rehabilitation Center, our team of doctors, nurses, physical therapists and caregivers are all in a mission to provide you with exceptional care. We want to give you the best treatment outcome.

Our patients can attest to our responsiveness and to our dedication to go the extra mile. With our wide range of facilities and treatment modalities, we can incorporate your lifestyle choices into your treatment options. It is this sense of familiarity that makes a patient feel at ease, leading to better treatment compliance. We will help you to regain your prior level of functioning, so you may return home as quickly as possible.

Diagnostic Testing

We offer precise and convenient diagnostic testing for quick medical assessment. Your progress and treatment response can be managed on-point and on-time.

Specialist Consultation

Pennsylvania's top healthcare specialists for advanced medical conditions are now accessible to you under one roof. There is no need for you to wait in line at the doctor's office as you can avail of these consultation services right inside the center.The facility provides the following:

Comprehensive Therapy

You are ensured of specialized therapy modalities to help you return to your prior optimum function. Daily regimen that helps you to regain your mental, physical and psychosocial acuity are waiting for you all in the Bloomsburg Care and Rehabilitation Center.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program

Our excellent team of doctors and physical therapists will help you to work around your limitations. Disability is not the end, as there are ways to help you regain your strength, endurance and mobility. One-on-one therapies are included on your daily personalized care plan, taking into account your choice and personal preference.

Nursing Services

We manage complex medical conditions that require extra care. We attend to you round-the-clock to cover all your treatment needs, right on time. Your physician is likewise informed of your condition through regular communication. You are assured of comfort and convenience while you are recuperating from your illness.

Wound Care Management

We train all our nurses and caregivers to manage advanced wound conditions. You are assured of timely nursing intervention right whenever you need it. Our board-certified wound care nurses team are one of best teams in the state. Precise care that minimizes pain and speeds up healing is what we do best.

Social and Psychology Services

Coping with an illness isn’t easy for you and your family. It is difficult to overcome your negative emotions unless you seek help. It is good to know that our center has incorporated individualized psychosocial programs into each patient’s treatment regimen. When you feel good, you cope better and recover faster.

Licensed Social Worker