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Your comfort treatment and recovery all in one community.

Bloomsburg Care and Rehabilitation Center delivers top-of-the-line healthcare expertise in a relaxing recovery home. We offer warm hands, encouraging environment, 24/7 assistance, personalized treatment and diverse healthcare services all under one roof. You and your family member deserve a friendly team of health professionals that truly cares.

Bloomsburg Care and Rehabilitation Center is your trusted name for holistic treatment. Our professional staff provides each patient with a friendly and familiar environment that feels like home. We train them to be the best on their fields while being compassionate and sensitive to each patient’s needs. The team spirit and cooperation that we have here translates into quality care and cheerful responsiveness daily. Coping with an illness isn’t easy.

Our mission is to give each patient a sense of belonging and autonomy. We treat, care and aim to return to optimum function patients suffering from various subacute and chronic conditions such as fractures, hip replacement, wounds, amputations, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other disabilities. Your medical needs and personal comfort are our first priority. With our team of doctors, therapists, nurses and caregivers, you are assured of personalized care right whenever you need it the most.